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June 5 - 14

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A diverse and lively crowd filled the Coral Gables Museum’s loggia, plaza and the Fewell Gallery on Thursday, June 5 for the VIP Opening of the exhibition “12 Stadiums 12 Cities: Brazil 2014 World Soccer Destination, an original exhibition developed by the CGM in partnership with the Centro Cultural Brasil-USA da Florida.   

AB Catering and  Cachaça Leblon , sponsors of the reception, presented Brazil’s typical flavors and caipirinhas.

After Chris Rupp, the Museum’s Executive Director, officially opened the exhibit, the guests were able to discover the diversity of Brazil represented by the twelve 2014 World Cup host-cities, examine the details of the state-of-the-art sustainable architectural design of the twelve beautiful stadiums, and explore the displays that show how soccer / futebol permeates the urban culture.  The reactions were emotional and ranged from surprise to noisy enthusiasm as guests played “button game” (jogo de botão), fussball, and tried the FIFA soccer game. A frequent comment was that the exhibition surpassed all expectations.

12 Stadiums | 12 Cities was curated by Adriana Sabino, CCBU’s President and designed by Danny Garcia from the Little Gables Group.  It will be running until September 14 at the CGM. During this period the museum will present programs that includes lectures about Brazilian culture and architecture, children and families activities, film, and World Cup viewing events.

Photos: 1) Adriana Sabino, President of CCBU and Christine Rupp, Executive Director of the Coral Gables Museum; 2) Gene & Lucas De Souza; 3) architect Alice Cimring, architect Sergio Coelho (author of Arena Pantanal's project), Ambassador Maria Cristina Barrios, Consul General of Spain, journalist Rodrigo Prada, architect Fernando Balvedi (author of Estadio Beira-Rio's project); 4) the "button game champions": Douglas Heizer, Glauco Roque Santos and Roger Blanco165.


Brazil was at the center of the beautiful City of Coral Gables as the Coral Gables Museum Plaza was filled with sounds of Samba and Bossa-Nova by Rose Max, Ramatis Moraes and band.  Families played at the plaza which was transformed into a soccer field, and visitors explored the original exhibition 12 Stadiums | 12 Cities: Brazil 2014 World Soccer Destination.  The exhibition, developed by the CGM in partnership with the Centro Cultural Brasil-USA da Florida (CCBU) details the twelve cities and stadiums that are hosting the games of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil ™ and represent Brazil to the eyes of the world.

Once more the spacious Fewell Gallery became alive with the noise and enthusiasm of visitors interacting and playing with the games.

The exhibition will run until September 14. It was curated by Adriana Sabino, CCBU’s President and designed by Danny Garcia of Little Gables Group.

Photos: 1) Rodrigo Prada and Fernando Balvedi; 2) Marcela Sabino and Rose Max; 3) Sergio Coelho, Marcelo Sabino, Ivonete Leite, Gloria Johnson and Marcela Sabino; 4) Sergio Coelho and Marcelo Sabino; 5) Rose Max, Ramatis and Band: samba at the Museum's Plaza; 6) Mitchell Kaplan and Danny Garcia339


The Centro Cultural Brasil-USA and the Coral Gables Museum presented an exceptional panel with architects Fernando Balvedi (author of the Estadio Beira-Rio’s project), Sergio Coelho (author of Arena Pantanal’s project) and journalist Rodrigo Prada. The panel was moderated by Brazilian architect and FIU professor, Alice Cimring on Friday, June 6. The panelists spoke about the conditions of the old existing stadiums, the preparation of the country for the World Cup, and the Estadio Beira-Rio and the Arena Pantanal.  Journalist Rodrigo Prada, founder of Portal 2014, praised the 12 Stadiums | 12 Cities exhibition, and commented that this unique initiative in the world should have been presented by the Brazilian government in Brazil and around the world.

The panelists pointed out that only two of the 2010 South Africa World Cup stadiums in were designed  by local architects. Whereas, in the 2014 World Cup Brazil, ten of the twelve stadiums were designed by Brazilian architects and built by top Brazilian construction companies, therefore, retaining know how and experience in the country.

Architect Sergio Coelho stated that “the 2014 has the “green stamp” of sustainability, since all twelve stadiums incorporated sustainable features”.

with architects who designed two of the World Cup Stadiums: Fernando Balvedi, who designed the Estadio Beira-Rio, Sergio Coelho who designed the Arena Pantanal, who will share their insights about designing those iconic buildings; and journalist and creator of Portal 2014, Rodrigo Prada; who will share his views about the preparation of the country for the World Cup and the event's legacy. The panel will be moderated by Brazilian architect Alice Cimring. In Portuguese, with simultaneous interpretation.SPONSORED BY: Brazilian Business Group (BBG). (free with museum admission)293 -

Photos left to right: 1) The panelists: architects Fernando Balvedi (Estadio Beira-Rio), Sergio Coelho (Arena Pantanal) and journalist Rodrigo Prada; 2) panel moderator, architect Alice Cimring, Adriana Sabino and Lea Ferencz Reid; 3) Monica Pinheiro (BBG), Gloria Johnson (CCBU), Aloysio Vasconcellos (BBG Foundation), Rodrigo Prada and Marcelo Sabino; 4) Monica Ribeiro (BBG), Gloria Johnson (CCBU), Aloysio Vasconcellos, Rodrigo Prada and Marcelo Sabino

CURATOR’S TOUR:  Sunday, June 8
CCBU’s President and the exhibition’s curator, Adriana Sabino, guided the special tour on Sunday and shared some “inside information” with a group of visitors.

Photos left to right: VIEWS of the exhibition; 4) Curator's tour; 5) Luciana Ravazzi and Adriana Sabino

SOCCER 101 Lecture
Brazilian Soccer Training Center came to the museum to teach the rules of “the beautiful game” to a group of all ages.  Perfect timing to prepare a multi national group for the Opening of the World Cup.

Photos left to right: 1) Lea and Steve Reid 383; 2) Leila da Costa and Lea Reid; 4) Cristina and Roberto DaMatta, Maria Ines Dal Borgo, Gloria Johnson and Adriana Sabino; 6) Isabel De Quesada, Marcelo Sabino and Roberto DaMatta


Enthusiasm, joy, caipirinhas, Brazilian churrasco, music and the ESPN Deportes broadcast (in Portuguese) of the Brazil x Croatia marked the opening of the 2014 World Cup Brazil™ at the Coral Gables Museum Plaza on Thursday, June 12.

Brazilian families dressed in yellow and green, mixed with a multi-national crowd and filled the plaza in the center of the beautiful city of Coral Gables to cheer for Brazil. The event  organized by the Museum of Coral Gables, in partnership with the Centro Cultural Brasil-USA, was presented by ESPN Deportes and sponsored among others, by Odebrecht USA, Bacardi and Cachaça Leblon. An unforgettable World Cup Opening of the World Cup in Brazil.

Photos 1) Wendy Mahr, Adriana Sabino and Danny Garcia; 2) Marcelo Sabino and Roberto DaMatta in the audience; 3) Debora Duro, Mauricio Ferrazza, Tanira Belloc Damasceno and Viviane Spinelli; 4) Adriana Sabino, CCBU's President and Adolfo Barattolo, Consul General of Italy; 5) Adriana Sabino, President of Brazil-USA Cultural Center and Chris Rupp, Executive Director of the Coral Gables Museum; 6) Wanderson Marccio Santos475 -

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