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Cultural Cup 2.0: Manaus
Wed Dec 11 at 6:30 p.m.
at Books & Books
(265 Aragon Ave. Coral Gables)


Books & Books and the Centro Cultural Brasil-USA da Florida (Brazil-USA Cultural Center/CCBU) continue the yearlong cultural exploration of Brazil. Our series called CULTURAL CUP 2.0 will focus on the culture, traditions, arts, music and gastronomy of the twelve Host Cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the exciting worldwide soccer tournament that will happen in Brazil next year.

Our final stop is the city of

MANAUS CLOSES THE Cultural Cup 2.0

Throughout the year, at each second Wednesday, CCBU and Books & Books presented the arts, traditions, culture, gastronomy, music of the twelve cities of the 2014 World Cup that will happen in Brazil. Each program was customized to reflect the unique characteristics of the focused city.

Through this original program, created and produced by CCBU a diverse audience was able to learn about the rich and diverse Brazilian culture.

We thank our SPONSORS!
American Airlines • The Brickellian • Book & Books

And our Cultural Partners: Professor Jean-François Lejeune, Dr. Carol Damian, Alan Maquieira, Stella Holmes, Vianna Joias, Cachaça Leblon, Maria Elisa Mercer, Carlos Encarnação, Gene de Souza, Ann Helen Wainer.

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Cultural Cup
Art Workshop for Children
Workshop  9
Cones, Cylinders and Spheres" (Fortaleza)
Saturday Dec 14 from 9:30 to 12:00
Key Biscayne Community Center

The Brazil-USA Cultural Center (CCBU), along with artist Silvana Soriano, are continue to offering a series of workshops for children focused on the art and culture of the 2014 FIFA World Cup host cities. The program intends to develop a variety of creative experiences in art and at the same time promote and enrich knowledge about Brazilian culture and language. During workshops, students will have the opportunity to create art projects based on the artistic production of each region and learn various artistic procedures such as drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture and installation.

Workshop  9
Cones, Cylinders and Spheres" (Fortaleza)
Saturday Dec 14 from 9:30 to 12:00

Key Biscayne Community Center

Objective: To know the artistic production of Brazilian sculptors
Based on the work of sculptors Eduardo Frota and Sérvulo Esmeraldo, students will create sculptures using cardboard boxes, straw and other materials.

CCBU Brazil Art Fair
Dec 4-8

CCBU participated at the first Brazil Art Fair, a new Art Basel satellite fair. It was a very important opportunity offered to CCBU by the founders of this new fair: Michel Serebrensky and Ester Krivit. From December 3 to 8, at the heart of Midtown, high end Brazilian galleries presented excellent Brazilian Art.

Brazil Art Fair included a curated art exhibit and a show of signed Brazilian furniture pieces. Fairgoers enjoyed the spacious and the classy, curated fair.

South Florida photographer, Jade Matarazzo exhibited her latest works at CCBU's space.

Congratulations, Michel and Ester!
Click to see all Photos: Brazil Art Fair Opening Night

TOP ROW left to right: 1. Maria Ines Dal Borgo, Adriana Sabino, Ambassador Hélio Vitor Ramos Filho, Jade Matarazzo, Gloria Johnson 2. Adriana Sabino with Jorge and Luciana Ravazzi. MIDDLE ROW left to right:1. Jussara Paulucci, Maria Ines Dal Borgo, Jade Matarazzo, Solange Lemos. 2. Marcelo Sabino, Michel Serebrinsky and Jade Matarazzo 3. Marcelo Sabino and Antonio Martins. 4. Bia Lemos and João Bianchi. BOTTOM ROW left to right: 1. Bernardo Scheinkman and Regiane Miciano Mansur. 2. Liana Rivas and Luciana Sabino Rodrigues

Brazilian Documentary
Friday, Dec 6th

VINICIUS at the Key Biscayne Community Center

It was a privilege to share the poetry and music of beloved Brazilian multi talented icon Vinicius de Moraes with a multi national and enthusiastic audience on Friday, December 6 at the Key Biscayne Community Center.

Snow birds coming from Cleveland and Chicago; Argentinians, Spaniards, Venezuelans and Brazilians gathered at the KBCC for the screening of the beautiful documentary Vinicius, directed by Miguel Faria Jr. and produced by Susana de Moraes.

It was a great preview for the series of Brazilian films that CCBU plans to show next year at the KBCC.

1. Marcelo Sabino, Silvana Soriano, José Osvaldo Caldeira, Sergio Correa and friend. 2. Silvana Soriano and Adriana Sabino


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Copa Cultural

Books & Books & CCBU continue the yearlong cultural exploration of Brazil called CULTURAL CUP 2.0 focusing on the culture, traditions, arts, music and gastronomy of the twelve Host Cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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american airlines

February 15. 8 pmsalvador

The Afro-Brazilian soul of Brazil

March 14. 6:30 pm
Brazil’s capital, a landmark in the history of urban planning and 20th c.
Sponsored by Brickellian / Ms. Stella Holmes

Apr 10. 6:30 pm
sao paulo

Brazil’s most diverse city, is a financial, industrial and cultural powerhouse. The
Sponsored by Brickellian / Ms. Stella Holmes

May 8. 6:30 pm

A double dose of stunning natural beauty, the joyful Northeastern
culture and forró rythyms.

June 12. 6:30 pm
belo horizonte

The first modern Brasilian city to be designed for its role as the capital
of Minas Gerais.

July 10. 6:30 pm

A double dose of stunning natural beauty, the joyful Northeastern
culture and forró rythyms.

August 14. 6:30 pm


This city is a world reference in urban planning and creative programs.

September 11. 6:30 pm
rio de janeiro
The marvelous city

October 9. 6:30 pm

A former frontier boom town has a very distinctive culture based on European and Indian

November 13. 6:30 pm

porto alegre
The city is the southernmost capital city of a Brazilian state and home of
the gaúchos

December 11. 6:30 pm

Gateway to the Amazon rain forest

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