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CCBU and Books & Books presented
São Paulo

Dr. Carol Damian, Director and Chief Curator of the Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum at FIU

São Paulo, the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere and the most ethnically diverse Brazilian city was the focus of the third session of the "Cultural Cup 2.0", the yearlong cultural exploration of Brazil presented in partnership with Books & Books, Coral Gables. The series focus on the culture, traditions, arts, music and gastronomy of the twelve Host Cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the exciting worldwide soccer tournament that will happen in Brazil next year.

Dr. Carol Damian, Director and Head Curator of FIU's Frost Museum, talked masterfully, to a very full room, about artists from São Paulo and how immigrants and their descendants helped transform this fascinating city in the arts powerhouse it is today.

Another highlight of the program was the presentation of Ms. Stella Holmes, art consultant, historian and museum trustee about the documentary she produced "West Encounters East". The screening of the documentary's trailer was a special treat.

The program ended with a lovely reception at the patio.

About the Sponsor of Cultural Cup 2.0:
The Brickellian / Ms. Stella Holmes
On April 10, at the next Cultural Cup 2.0: São Paulo, Ms. Holmes will give a presentation about her documentary 'West Encounters East'. This film, soon to debut on public television, explores the themes of immigration, alienation and assimilation through the works of Japanese Brazilian artists, descendants of a century-old diaspora that has given Sao Paulo the largest Japanese population outside Japan. The concept was developed by Ms. Holmes, an art historian ad museum trustee who was inspired by the works of these bicultural artists to embark upon a personal journey of discovery.”


Manaus April 13

copa cultural

Young artists 7 to 11 declared the program created by Brazilian artist and educator Silvana Soriano and co-presented by CCBU a total success. The "Brazilian Arts Workshps: Discover Brazil through the Arts" focus on the art and culture of each of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Host Cities. Its goals are to develop a variety of creative experiences in art and at the same time promote and enrich knowledge about Brazilian culture and language. During twelve workshops, students will have the opportunity to create art projects based on the artistic production of each region and learn various artistic procedures such as drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture and installation.

On Saturday, April 13, the theme was Manaus and its fascinating culture influenced by the indigenous people and the Amazon forest.

The enthusiastic little artists created unique booklets about local legends, using drawing and watercolor techniques.

The next workshop will be on Saturday, April 27. The theme will be: "Brasilia: Scale Model of Dreams". All workshops are taught at the Key Biscayne Community Center.

Estreia do filme: Orgulho de Ser Brasileiro
Com a presenca do Diretor
29 de Abril, 7pm

CCBU Recommends
East Encounters West
May 6 & May 10 on WPBT

The documentary film series West Encounters East is a remarkable journey that explores the Japanese diaspora to Latin America through the eyes of artists whose work emerges from the Asian-Latin American cultural mix. Created by Executive Producer Stella Holmes with Producer Linda Corley, the series focuses on the encounter between both civilizations, that is now over a century old.

Part 1 West Encounters East: The Japanese Brazilians. The first segment of this series focuses on a little-known population: the Japanese Brazilians. The program follows artists who are descendants of Japanese who immigrated to Brazil during the twentieth century. This documentary examines their lifestyles and traditions, and celebrates the fruitful engagement of Nikkei identity with Brazilian nationality.

copa cultural

Get to know Brazil Through the Arts
at the
Key Biscayne
Community Center

Presented by
Silvana Soriano and CCBU

Workshop 1:
Traveling through Modernism" (São Paulo)
February 23
sao paulo 

Learn about the Brazilian Modern Art ( The Modern Art Week 1922) and discover more about the third largest city in the world. Using printmaking techniques create mono types based on the works of famous Brazilian artists Tarsila do Amaral, Di Cavalcanti, Lasar Segall and Anita Malfatti.

Workshop 2 
"The Human Figure in contrast" (Salvador)
March 16

Come to know more about the artist Carybé, the author of a famous mural at Miami Airport, and create your own mural! Students will create a mural which will explore the representation of the human figure, using the shadow projected on paper.

Workshop 3
“Dolphins, warriors and mermaids, stories from the Forest” (Manaus)
April 13

Get to know the legends of the largest rainforest in the world and create an illustrated handmade book. Students will create an accordion book with watercolor, oil pastel, printmaking and much more.

Workshop 4 
"Scale Model of Dreams" (Brasília)
April 27

Do you know that viewed from above the capital of Brazil resembles an airplane? Brasília is a landmark in the history of town planning.  Based on the idea of this city, students will create a scale model of the city of your dreams.

Workshop 5 
"Creating and Reinventing Paper" (Cuiabá)
May 11

The feather art is one of the most popular plastic expressions of Brazilian Indians. Learn more about the art and culture of indigenous peoples and create jewelries and headdresses made with colorful handmade paper! Students will produce handmade paper to create objects based on feather art of Brazilian Indians.

Workshop 6
"Moving Image, Light and Colors" (Rio de Janeiro)
May 28
rio de janeiro

We chose the works of the famous artist “carioca” Beatriz Milhazes to celebrate the joy and movement of the city of Rio de Janeiro. In this workshop students will learn about this artist and create a picture using various techniques of collage, painting and printmaking.

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