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QuickLook @ CCBU | October 18, 2012



LEVEL  1 - Beginner
The knowledge of a beginner student may range from knowing nothing of the language to having basic vocabulary and knowledge of some phrases, but being generally unable to communicate in the language.

LEVEL  2 - High Beginner
At a high beginner level, a student can ask and respond to simple questions, request information, and relate basic biographical data. A student may understand the basics of a topic if it is familiar and visual aids are used.

At work, high beginner students may be able to understand basic instructions, receive limited directions, and understand a predictable telephone message. A student may understand the basics of a lecture if it is a familiar topic and visual aids are used.

LEVEL  3 - Intermediate
At this level, students are capable of managing the language within everyday situations that are predictable. They can talk about personal interests, have survival skills for travel, and can express and recognize some degree of opinion, attitude, and mood within a limited conversation.

At work, intermediate students can interact with clients and colleagues when the topic is predictable and within their field of knowledge. A student will be able to ask basic questions and understand a lecturer if allowances are made for non-native speakers.

 LEVEL  4 - High Intermediate
At a high intermediate level, a student can manage the basic structures of the language, has a substantial vocabulary, and is confident within routine situations that arise socially or while traveling. Users at this level can communicate about a substantial range of subjects, express opinions, and give detailed information.

At work, high intermediate students can understand and participate in meetings to a limited degree, and exchange opinions on familiar topics. A person at this level can understand lecturers when the subject is predictable as well as ask questions that are not complicated.

LEVEL  5 - Advanced
An advanced student has a high degree of fluency and a comfortable use of language structure. At this level, students are aware of the role that the language plays within the culture and can adapt their language use according to the situation. They can manage themselves easily within routine areas, can maintain lengthy casual conversations, and have a wide range of expressions.

At work, advanced students can easily discuss work-related topics, give presentations, and effectively argue a point or defend a position. Likewise they can follow meetings on topics within their area of knowledge. A student at this level can understand lectures and give presentations if the topic is not particularly complex.   

CCBU’s Brazilian culture centric Portuguese courses will be taught by experienced teachers. Our goal is to teach the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture preparing our students to communicate in different settings: business, social, travel. We offer different options to better fit the students’ needs.

Classes will take place at the new CCBU headquarters at 300 ARAGON AVENUE Suite 250 or at companies’ offices.

$70.00 -  Registration – Includes book
By registering students become CCBU members and will be entitled to receive all members’ benefits.

GROUP LESSONS: Minimum 4 students, maximum 6 students
Any Level
8 weeks –  16 lessons (90 minutes per lesson) -  24 hours
$360.00 /student

MINI GROUP:  2 students
Any Level
8 weeks – 16 lessons (90 minutes per lesson) – 24 hours
$580.00 /student

Minimum 10 Lessons
$80.00 (90 min. lesson) = $ 800.00
Package of 20 lessons
$75.00 (90 min. lesson) = $ 1,500.00

PORTUGUESE FOR CHILDREN (Portuguese as Heritage Language): Starting soon
A course for children of Brazilian background. Language instruction with the goal of maintaining and strengthening of the students national roots.

11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.  / 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. or 1 to 2:30 p.m.
5:30 to 7 p.m.

Patron Members:

Centro Cultural Brasil USA • 300 Aragon Avenue. Suite 250 • Coral Gables, FL 33134
www.centroculturalbrasilusa.orgccbu@centroculturalbrasilusa.org • 305.728.9163
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