QuickLook @ CCBU | March 1, 2016

Saturday March 5 @7pm

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DIRECTED BY Vera Egito| Brazil | Portuguese with English subtitles

São Paulo best friends Julia, Micaela and Diego enter their thirties entirely unprepared for the considerations of adult maturity. Julia has chosen to remain blind to the obvious signs that her current boyfriend is a two-timing cad, but her eyes are forced wide-open when she discovers that she is pregnant with his child. Diego (played by pop-rock star Thiago Pethit in his big-screen debut) is a party boy with daddy issues who can’t stay faithful to his sweet, dependable boyfriend. Micaela, meanwhile, is wasting her time chasing a bisexual actress who won’t even acknowledge their shared intimacy in private. As these three charismatic but troubled friends keep spinning their wheels, even their own chosen-family bonds get stress-tested to their breaking point.

Writer-director Vera Egito, who shares her characters’ age and background, delivers the sort of insightful, exacting generational portrait that could only come from a clear-eyed and tough-minded young artist. She masterfully creates vibrant, fully realized characters that speak to a world extending far beyond the limits of São Paulo, touching on anxieties and aspirations that are truly universal. – Jaie Laplante

SPECIAL GUESTS ATTENDING: Vera Egito (Director, RESTLESS LOVE) | Adipe Neto (Unit Production Manager) | Camila Cornelsen (Director of Photography) | Renata Gaspar (Actress) | Thiago Pethit (Actor) | Maria Laura Nogueira and Thais Drassinower (Director, MEMORY OF THE SEA)

CCBU members can get $2 off by using
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Almoco Dia Internacional da Mulher
Terça-feira, dia 8 de março, às 12h
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O Centro Cultural Brasil-USA da Florida convida você,
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Terça-feira, dia 8 de março, às 12h
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CCBU Presents
Botequim Cultural: SOUNDS OF RIO
from choro to funk, the music and stories of the Olympic City

Wednesday March 9 at 7pm
Clube do Choro @ Boteco

sounds of rio

CCBU Recommends
Zika Forum: State of the Science, Public Health Safety and Ethics
University of Miami | Donna Shalala Student Center
March 23 from 1-5pm

zika forum


Contemporary Brazilian Theater Readi
ngs on 4th Weds

A segunda leitura da série Teatro Contemporaneo Brasileiro nas 4as 4as, foi a peça Obsessão, de Carla Faour. O elenco de atores brasileiros do Sul da Florida transportou a audiência para um apartamento no Rio de Janeiro, durante um Shabat, em que três gerações trocam lembranças e farpas, culminando com a descoberta de um segredo de família. As leituras se confirmam como experiências enriquecedoras, divertidas e emocionantes.

A série foi concebida e é dirigida pelo ator carioca Roberto Lobo e é apresentada pelo CCBU, sempre às quartas quartas-feiras, na Galeria da Società Dante Alighieri.

1) CCBU president, Adriana Sabino and Board Member, Denise Moura with the readers of Obsession. 3) Denise Moura of Kone Restaurant gives a voucher to Wanderson Santos, the winner of the drawing of a dinner for 2. After the reading Of Obsession, a delicious Donnel courtesy Of Kone Restaurant in Downtown Miami.

obsessao fotos
The readings will take place every fourth Wednesday of the month, at the Società Dante Alighieri,
300 Aragon Avenue, always at 7 p.m., are free and open to the public.

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