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The Brazilian literature was present at the 27th Miami Book Fair International, at the panel presented by two award winning writers, Ana Maria Gonçalves and Mary Del Priore, on Saturday, November 20. Brazilian history was, in a way, the theme of the panel. Ana Maria Gonçalves is a Brazilian writer who made a huge impact with her second novel, Um Defeito de Cor (A Color Defect), which reached back into history and the African slave trade to Brazil and has been compared to that of Alex Haley's Roots in the United States. The novel was awarded a major literary prize, the 2007 Casa de las Americas, Cuba. Mary Del Priore has a Ph.D in History from the University of São Paulo, and holds two postgraduate degrees from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales of Paris. She is the author of 28 books about Brazilian history and received important literary awards such as the Jabuti, the Casa Grande & Senzala, among many others.
The success of both writers shows that history is a subject that attracts the readers who are interested in exploring and understanding their own identity. It was not different with the panel's audience who did not feel the time passing while listening to the Brazilian authors.


On the same Saturday, November 20, a sold out Feijoada, at Zucchero Restaurant, closed CCBU's social annual programming. The feijoada was a fund raiser as well. Several members and partners generously contributed with items to the silent auction. Please see our donors' list on right column.

III Conference of the Brazilian Communities Abroad

CCBU's President, Adriana Sabino participated at the III Conference of Brazilian Communities Abroad and was inaugurated as North America's First Substitute of the recently created Council of Brazilian Representatives Abroad (CRBE). The III Conference of Brazilian Communities Outside Brazil that took place in Rio, on December 2 and 3. The conference was a successful event that once again congregated Brazilians who live around the world at the Itamaraty Palace in Rio de Janeiro to discuss the Brazilian communities' problems and desires and exchange ideas. The ceremony of inauguration of the 16 Representatives and 16 Substitutes, elected by electronic vote in October, that form the first CRBE, was the highlight of the conference. The inauguration of CRBE's members by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, on Friday, December 3 marked the beginning of a new phase in the communication between Brazilian citizens who live around the world and the country's government. Click to see photos


We thank the donors who made the Silent Auction possible at CCBU's end of the year celebration, on November 20

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