QuickLook @ CCBU | June 8, 2010 Edition

Ada Merritt K-8 Center 2010 Eight Grade Class is the first one to graduate since the opening of the school in 2003. That year Ada Merritt was an public elementary school offering two dual languages programs: Spanish-English and Portuguese-English.

Years later, some parents approached Miami Dade School Board Member, Agustin Barrera and asked for his help in adding the middle school program which was added in 2006.

Besides offering two excellent dual languages programs, Ada Merritt is accredited in the International Baccalaureat program and offers academic instruction of the highest caliber. It is considered of the best Miami-Dade Public Schools.

Anna Alvarez | Sloane Bochman | Victoria Diaz | Katelyn Flood | Tiago Lopez
Alex Nordlund | Brennan Sullivan | Janelle Williams

ADA MERRITT K-8 Center 2010 5th Grade Class Gets Promoted
ADA MERRITT K-8 CENTER's Fifth Graders on their Promotion to Middle School on June 4, 2010
and recognizes the students of the Portuguese-English Program for their academic achievements, their command of the Portuguese Language and their knowledge and appreciation of Brazilian culture.

Ada Merritt's Fifth Grade Class promotional ceremony took place on June 4 at the Rusty Pelican Restaurant, in Key Biscayne.

Parents; teachers; Miami-Dade County Mayor, Mr. Carlos Alvarez; Ms. Anabella Sanchez, representative of the Consulate General of Spain and Mrs. Adriana Sabino, President of the Brazil-USA Cultural Center participated in the ceremony.

Keynote speaker, Mr. Carlos Alvarez, acknowledged the achievements of the Class of 2010.

Ms. Carmen Garcia, Principal, Ms. Barbara Garcia, Assistant Principal and Lead Teachers Jackie Sanchez-Jimenez (P.Y.P program) and Maud Clark (M.Y.P program), awarded the certificates and awards to these outstanding students. Adriana Sabino recognized each of the 27 students of the Portuguese-English program with a certificate. click to see more photos

The typical Brazilian celebration "Festa Junina" has become the most awaited party at Ada Merritt K-8 Center. Every year, the parents of students of the Portuguese-English program organize a lively "Festa Junina". As it happens in Brazil, where children love this typical celebration, at Ada Merritt students in costumes had a blast dancing "quadrilha" (square dance), participating in games, and tasting typical Brazilian treats as "brigadeiro", "pão de queijo", "churrasquinho". click to see more photos

CCBU recommends: Festa Junina June 27
Festa Junina 10

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Festa Junina - June 27
Sports Mall Complex

Deerfield, FL

Seu Jorge July 23
Tatiana Henrique
Seu Jorge
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I have been honored to share with students, parents and teachers of Ada Merritt K-8's the joyous moments of the promotional ceremonies of the Fifth Grade and Eight Grade Classes of 2010. Ada Merritt K-8 is the first fully dual language English-Portuguese program in the United States. The school offers an English-Spanish program as well.

On June 4, at the Rusty Pelican Restaurant in Key Biscayne, I had the pleasure of giving to each of the twenty seven fifth graders of the Portuguese-English program a CCBU certificate recognizing their academic success, fuency in the Portuguese Language and knowledge of Brazilian culture. They are ready and looking forward for their academic career in middle school. The class of 2010 is the second Fifth Grade class that is promoted at Ada Merritt K-8 Center.

The promotional ceremony of the Eight Grade Class, the first eighth graders to graduate at the school was an emotional moment for me. Since 1999, as the CCBU's President, I have worked with the Miami-Dade County Public Schools to help create the Portuguese program. The eight students who finished their academic journey in the Portuguese-English program represent the culmination of the dedication and determination of students, parents, teachers, and many in the Brazilian community in South Florida.

All these students are going to be a valuable asset to the Miami-Dade multi-national community and will contribute to making our city a truly global metropolis.

Centro Cultural Brasil USA • 300 Aragon Avenue. Suite 250 • Coral Gables, FL 33134 • 305.728.9163