QuickLook @ CCBU | May 14, 2010 Edition
CCBU is one of the Knight Arts Challenge finalists
knight arts
oscar niemeyer
The exhibition of OSCAR NIEMEYER at the Freedom Tower, submitted by the Centro Cultural Brasil-USA was one of the 41 finalists of the Knight Arts Challenge.

CCBU is working with Miami Dade College to bring to Miami the exhibit OSCAR NIEMEYER 10-100, which was exhibited in Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba (Brazil), Heerlen (Holland) and Madrid.

The Knight Arts Challenge, a contest organized by the Knight Foundation, awards grants to cultural and arts projects.

Member Benefit: CUBAN CLASSICAL BALLET of MIAMI ticket discount
don quixote
Founder & Artistic Director: Pedro Pablo Peña
Don Quixote

Starring Cuban Principal Dancers
Lorena Feijoo and Rolando Sarabia
Saturday, May 22nd at 8pm and
Sunday, May 23rd at 5pm

Fillmore Miami Beach Jackie Gleason Theater
1700 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach

Regular Prices
Orchestra $55.00 • Mezzanine $45.00 • Balcony $28.00
Above ticket prices discounted 15% for Centro Cultural Brasil U.S.A. members who present identification at the box office


Individual ticket sales:
call (800) 745-3000 or visit or the theater box office

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Registration for the 2010-2011 school year begins on Tuesday, June 8, 2010 at all Miami Dade Public Library branches, on a first come, first serve basis. A parent or guardian must complete a registration form for each student at the branch library where the student will attend the tutoring session.

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S.M.A.R.T. Program
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CCBU Recommends: ANIMIAMI 2010
animiami 2010 ANIMIAMI 2010 is an animation festival and conference,taking place in Miami on October 16 & 17, at the Miami International University of Art & Design. The festival combines the best of what Siggraph and BDA Promax have in non-theatrical and commercial animation.

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focus brazil 2010
ccbu panel
The importance of maintaining the mother language and individual identity while growing in a foreign country was the main message conveyed by the participants of the Centro Cultural Brasil-USA da Florida's panel at Focus Brazil 2010, on April 16.

CCBU Panel
The theme of the panel: "Our Portuguese language: the heritage and future of our children in America" was approached by each of the panelists with a different and enriching point of view. Drs. Lourdes Rovira and Cristina Reinhard presented evidence on how maintaining the language helped young students progress in their academic life and was important as a "security blanket" in a new country.
The psychologist Rosane Wechsler added her professional view followed by teacher, Lenita O'Rourke who told the audience about her experience teaching the pioneer bilingual program - Portuguese/English at Ada Merritt K-8 school, in Miami. The panel closed on an emotional note with the testimony of Floriana Martinez who is the mother of 2 Ada Merritt's students. The panel was moderated by Mrs. Cassia Silva, teacher and owner of the Key Biscayne language school, Key Languages.

Please read Dr. Lourdes Rovira's participation on the right column.

Cultural Information
Language, Culture and Identity
Focus Brazil 2010
Broward Center for the Performing Arts
Lourdes C. Rovira, Ed.D.
April 16, 2010

dr. lourdes c. rovira

I am very happy to be here to share with you some thoughts on a topic that is so much a part of my professional and personal life and that is, the importance of maintaining the home language when one is away from the home country.  I especially want to thank my friends Adriana Sabino and Leila da Costa who worked tirelessly with others and myself in order to establish the Portuguese dual language program at Ada Merritt. 

We could address the language topic from the perspective of the educational and cognitive advantages of knowing more than one language, the home language and the language of the new country.  We could also address it from the perspective of the need for biliteracy for the global economy.  Who would question the economic advantages of knowing more than one language when conducting business?  But today I am going to address the topic from a slightly different perspective although it is all intertwined.  I want to talk a little bit about the relationship between language and culture and language and identity. 

For 35 years I worked in the public school system in Miami - first as a teacher and then as an administrator.  My professional life mostly dealt with immigrant students and their education.  I witnessed first hand hundreds of immigrant student who enrolled in our schools as monolingual speakers of their home language, be it Spanish, Portuguese, Creole, or any other, and eventually graduated still as monolingual students but this time as monolingual speakers of English.  Somewhere in their educational experience they had exchanged languages. In order to acquire English, we helped them to forget the language in which they had first learned to talk, to sing, to pray and to love.  This my dear friends, according to the famous Danish linguist, Tove  Skutnabb Kangas, is called linguistic genocide in education.  (read the full article here)

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